Fish soup

I am on a mission to have my family eat fish 3 times per week. Since I am not exactly an expert in how to prepare fish and there is no time to spend during the week to do it (i have to get something on the table in around an hour), I take the easy way out of it – buy fish filet. The problem is that I find it a little bit dull and I lack ideas on how to make it and since I want to have fish 3 times a week, then I need ideas to make it a little bit different each time (at least not to repeat the same thing the entire week). So my usual go to are oven baked fish with a salad, fish burgers or soup – and out of all, my favorite is the soup.
The soup here is just sort of throw everything in and enjoy it at the end – it takes around 40 minutes, 30 minutes to cook and let us say 10 to chop everything. So after chopping and adding the water I get 25 minutes to do some of the other pending tasks (I usually have a long list of to-dos – surprise, surprise). Which means that this is the perfect fast, no fuss kind of meal.
If I do not forget to buy frozen rolls, I throw a few in the oven and serve them with the soup. Fast and comforting :).

Enjoy it with a smile! 🙂


How to

    YIELD: approximately 8 portions


  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 1 garlic clove finely chopped
  • 1 green or red bell pepper chopped
  • 1 can chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 1/2 l water
  • 800 – 1000 g fish filet without skin and bones, cubed
  • salt
  • cayenne pepper
  • chopped fresh parsley/chives

Fry the onion, garlic, bell pepper and tomatoes in the olive oil on medium heat about 5 minutes. Pour in the water and let it simmer for about 25 minutes.
Add the cubed fish and let it simmer on low heat until cooked through.
Add salt and cayenne pepper to taste and sprinkle the chopped parsley or chives before serving.

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